About Seeking Jane Austen

Jane Austen’s early 19th century novels continue, to an astonishing level, to beguile and intrigue 21st century audiences, mainly through the continual stream of adaptations for film and TV.  

I hope this website will be useful in feeding the growing curiosity about Jane’s life, in showing how she drew on her real surroundings for her fictional great houses, villages and towns.

The site is organised geographically, and this geography  - as Jane’s experience was - is limited to the southern half of England, from Kent in the east to Bath in the west and only as far north as the south Midlands. It is intended to be of use to any Austen fan, from anywhere, to read at home or to refer to when visiting one of the locations.

I have visited all of them at least once, so have included any useful local information and links which I have found. Some houses are private homes, so please exercise polite discretion when viewing them! There are so many sources I have used that I can’t list them all, but the edition of Jane Austen’s letters edited by Deirdre Le Faye has been especially helpful.

ABOUT ME: I have a first class degree from Warwick University in Literary Studies, and have been a journalist for most of my working life. I disliked Pride and Prejudice when I was made to study it aged 16, but later developed a deep admiration for Austen’s clear and measured style of writing, with her wry look at life and people.



Susan Hubbard