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MORE AUSTEN SITES - offers bespoke tours of Jane Austen locations with an experienced driver and guide.
Natalie Manifold runs walking tours at Lyme Regis, talking about Austen and also John Fowles. Go to or phone Natalie on 07763 974569.
Welcome to some topical chat about Jane Austen. Email me (Susan) with any Austen news you’d like to share:

There is always an interesting programme of events at Jane Austen’s House Museum in Chawton - and a focus of many of these this year is Emma, published just 200 years ago.

I have just revisited Winchester, a city I like but which is busier than ever - and we found that one of the multi-story car parks has closed. Drivers are advised to consider using the park and ride service on the way in (advice we wished we had taken!)
Another change (more welcome) is the erection of some displayboards about Austen’s life near the gravestone, memorial window and brass plaque - making an Austen corner in the cathedral. There is now ticketed admission to the building, but for the many informative and helpful guides plus the display I think it is worth it.

Jane Austen’s House Museum has special exhibitions this year to mark the 200th anniversary of the publication of Emma.

Samantha Light’s Strictly Jane Austen Tours are expanding. She already offers Regency packages in Bath, but is now set to move into Hampshire for 2016 excursions.

The dates for this year’s Jane Austen Festival in Bath are Friday 9th to Sunday 18th September 2016.

The new display boards in Winchester Cathedral tell the story of Jane Austen’s life in a geographical way (just like this website!)


My big Project Austen has temporarily stopped. I drafted 8,500 words, then summer and family intervened. However I am raring to go again, and have had some flashes of..... what? Inspiration? Ideas, anyway. I'm starting to jot these down on post-its and put them in my file so I hope they still seem fresh when I can get back to the writing.